You can also use wee_reports to see your 'quick' changes in the templates 
etc immediately (not waiting for the next report cycle) without reloading 
or restarting weewx.



On Friday, 14 October 2016 20:18:31 UTC+11, erbenton07 wrote:
> weewx 3.4.0 under OpenSuse linux 13.1 on x86_64
> If you do "systemctl reload weewx" then $station.uptime is reset to 0.
> This should only be reset if weewx is restarted. Sometimes quick changes 
> in index.html.tmpl are needed and weewx "reload" is used to tell weewx to 
> re-read the file. This is (or should be) a different paradigm than shutting 
> down and restarting weewx with a command line "systemctl restart weewx" 
> otherwise whats the point in having a reload option vs  restart 

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