look not lokk :-)

fredag 2. februar 2018 14.49.35 UTC+1 skrev Rune Laegreid følgende:
> Gary,
> Did you have a chance to lokk at my debug report?
> Rune.
> lørdag 27. januar 2018 23.28.29 UTC+1 skrev gjr80 følgende:
>> Hi,
>> You have errors from at last 2 extensions in the log extract you provided 
>> so I am thinking there may be a wider issue here. So we can get a clear 
>> picture of what your are running can you please post a wee_debug (
>> http://weewx.com/docs/utilities.htm#wee_debug_utility) report, make sure 
>> you check the report for any sensitive info before posting. Can you also 
>> set debug=1 in weewx.conf then restart weeWX and post the log from startup 
>> until a couple of archive records have been processed.
>> One other thing, I have found these sorts of errors frequently occur when 
>> some observations are missing ie None. I see part of you log extract 
>> (22:02:03-22:02:07) seems to indicate this, apart from the log errors is 
>> your station functioning as it should and displaying all observations?
>> Gary

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