One of the first things wee_extension does is find weewx.conf and read it's 
contents with configobj (a config file parser). wee_extension has found a 
config file but configobj is finding errors in the file. Odd that it is finding 
errors in different places for (you would expect) the same file. I assume you 
have 3.8.0 running without error? The normal approach is to get weeWX running 
without error before adding extensions/further customising. A couple of things 
you can try if weeWX is otherwise running without error:

- Check weewx.conf, is there anything obviously wrong in the first few lines. 
You upgraded from 2.6 but did you do a clean install or an upgrade, assume a 
clean install if a different machine/OS.  If you did a clean 3.8.0 install 
weewx.conf should be good. You didn't copy weewx.conf from your old system did 
you? That could cause problems.

- Try explicitly specifying weewx.conf when running wee_extension using the 
--config option. Specify the full path to weewx.conf (take note of what weeWX 
says in its startup log to ensure you and weeWX agree on where weewx.conf is. 
If you don't use the --config option wee_extension looks for weewx.conf in the 
usual places, perhaps it has picked up an old or invalid file that is not your 
current weewx.cnf, could happen if if multiple installs have occurred on the 
machine using different install methods.

If you have no luck do a wee_debug run 
(http://weewx.com/docs/utilities.htm#wee_debug_utility) and post the output 
checking for any sensitive info first, wee_does a good job at removing 
sensitive info but it's not perfect. There is a chance wee_debug will have the 
same problem as wee_extension, in which case just post a copy of weewx.conf but 
you will need to manually remove sensitive info. Finally, what type of 3.8.0 
install did you do on the new machine?


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