Data is great but logs are better :) Quite possible you have corrupt 
station memory (have a look here 
<http://weewx.com/docs/usersguide.htm#html_generated_but_not_updated> in 
the User's Guide), not uncommon when disconnecting/interrupting power to a 
Davis station. If you want to take a punt and don't mind losing any records 
in your station memory, you can clear the console memory using wee_device 
<http://weewx.com/docs/hardware.htm#vantage_clear_console_memory>. If you 
don't want to take such drastic action you can check the logs first, in 
weewx.conf you set debug=1, save weewx.conf then stop/start weeWX. Let it 
run for a couple of archive periods (appears you have a 30 minute archive 
period from your data) then post the log.

As an aside, if you want an archive interval somewhat less than 30 minutes, 
use wee_device to set the archive interval 
<http://weewx.com/docs/hardware.htm#vantage_archive_interval46> as 
required. Note that any use of wee_device must be done with weeWX stopped.


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