Just did a new install on a Debian computer. I have a Davis Vantage Pro 
station (was using an older version of weewx 2.01, which was installed with 
setup.py). I decided I'd deal with historical data later, or not, since it 
is all on CWOP anyway.
So I downloaded the .deb file for the current version of weewx and pressed 
the go button on the install, dpkg -i, adjusted the /etc/weewx/weewx.conf 
file. Everything is running ok but, the date is stuck on Feb 6th.

I did an Sqlite query on /var/lib/weewx/weewx.sdb like so ...

SELECT STRFTIME('%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S', datetime(dateTime, 'unixepoch')), outTemp 
FROM archive ORDER BY dateTime DESC LIMIT 20;
and got ...

06-02-2018 19:30:00|42.2
06-02-2018 19:00:00|42.8
06-02-2018 18:30:00|40.8
06-02-2018 18:00:00|37.5
06-02-2018 17:30:00|36.9
06-02-2018 17:00:00|37.5
06-02-2018 16:30:00|37.9
06-02-2018 16:00:00|36.9
06-02-2018 15:30:00|36.4
06-02-2018 15:00:00|35.9
06-02-2018 14:30:00|35.4
06-02-2018 14:00:00|35.2
06-02-2018 13:30:00|34.7
06-02-2018 13:00:00|33.6
06-02-2018 12:30:00|34.0
06-02-2018 12:00:00|32.8
06-02-2018 11:30:00|32.5
06-02-2018 11:00:00|32.8
06-02-2018 10:30:00|33.7
06-02-2018 10:00:00|34.8

This is probably not a weewx problem. The date on the Davis Vantage console 
is correct. The date on debian computer is correct. I've checked cables. 
Can anyone think of something else I could try? Is there a way to 
interrogate the data logger? Reset it?


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