The SteelSeries Gauges skin 
<> is the source of the 
mouseover plots. In your Skins directory you should have a directory named 
ss and in that directory there should be a skin config file skin.conf. In 
skin.conf there should be a [ImageGenerator] stanza that determines the 
plots that are generated for the mouseover, rain and rainRate are covered 
by the following:

            yscale = None, None, 0.02
            plot_type = bar
                aggregate_type = sum
                aggregate_interval = 3600
                label = Rain (hourly total)

I looked at your site and I see what you mean, it is intertesting to note 
that your day rain and rainRate plots look fine on your main page, the 
SteelSeries plots should be using almost identical settings to what is in 
your Standard skin.conf (you might want to compare them). Since you 
Standard skin is working fine clearly the data is in your archive. I am at 
a bit of a loss as to where to point you.


On Saturday, 24 February 2018 00:26:02 UTC+10, wrote:
> I just noticed yesterday in the SS gauges that the  tool tip charts for 
> Rainfall and Rain Rate are just flat lines. Haven't noticed it because we 
> have had little rain in the last few months.
> Gary, where is this generated? I'll check to see if some files are askew.
> Keith

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