On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 6:20:31 PM UTC-8, RobbH wrote:
> Meanwhile, I've encountered another issue, that I think is independent of 
> the hardware issues. Installation of the Interceptor appeared to be 
> successful, but I am unable to run the driver directly, following the 
> directions in the readme file. This command:
> PYTHONPATH=bin python bin/user/interceptor.py --help
> produces this error:
> python: can't open file 'bin/user/interceptor.py': [Errno 2] No such file 
> or
> directory

That command is clearly wrong to my eyes.... the first 'bin' is not a 
/full/path/name/to/bin fully qualified pathname, and the 
'bin/user/interceptor.py' similarly needs to be a fully qualified pathname 
ala /path/to/weewx/bin/user/interceptor.py or the like (notionally, these 
are obviously bogus examples).

Try two things:

   - python --version should return the version of the default python on 
   your system.  My pi3 returns 2.7.9 for the value.  If yours does too, you 
   'probably' do not need to set PYTHONPATH at all
   - if you ran weewx with the setup.py installer, bin/user above should be 
   the fully qualified /home/weewx/bin/user

So try "python /home/weewx/bin/user/interceptor.py --help" and see if it 

Short answer: always use fully qualified pathnames whenever possible.  Less 

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