Just as an aside, as of weeWX 3.7.0 a couple of changes were made to the 
included drivers that use a mapping to map a sensor (read output from some 
external device/system) to a weeWX schema field (read a field in the loop 
packet or archive record generated by the driver). In a nutshell, when 
defined in a driver stanza in weewx.conf, the map is placed in a stanza 
named [[sensor_map]]. The sensor mappings are then included using the 
format schema_name = hardware_name (or you can think of it as weeWX 
loop/archive field = sensor name). So a sensor map might look like

# driver stanza for ABC123 weather station
        outTemp = sensor25
        outHumidity = ABCDEFG.123456
        windSpeed = wind_speed

Not a change that will cause any driver that uses a different construct to 
fail, but it may be useful to adopt such a construct in a future release 
(if nothing else helps us all speak the same language when talking 
drivers). I expect in due course this will be included in the developer 
notes somewhere.


On Thursday, 12 April 2018 20:51:18 UTC+10, Bill Morrow wrote:
> On Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:23:13 UTC-3, Ralph Underwood wrote:
>> *IT WORKS!*
>> I added: TIME = dateTime to wxMesh stanza of weewx.conf the stopped and 
>> restarted WeeWx - waited a few minutes and I now have values showing up in 
>> /var/www/html/weewx/index.html
> Hurray!
> This line in your earlier log file excerpt :
> Apr 11 08:03:17 mapleleaf weewx[4079]: wxMesh: label map is {'INTE': 
> 'inTemp', 'INHU': 'outHumidity'}
> was our clue that we had nothing mapped to dateTime. 
> I put the blame on my genLoopPackets code. It always *replaces* an 
> incoming dateTime/TIME value. It should just create it regardless of what 
> is provided. In my defense, I have plans to add a real time clock in the 
> field, and use an NTP derived time on the networked inside node.
> I've updated the wiki at github 
> <https://github.com/morrowwm/weewxMQTT/wiki> with this finding.

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