I have replied to you on the same question in weewx-development
Not too hard...I've been running OWFS as a driver along with a "modified 
Bill wxMesh" MQTT service for 8 months


On Friday, 13 April 2018 05:45:09 UTC+12, Ralph Underwood wrote:
> What's involved in changing the driver to a service?  My coding skills are 
> just above minimal, however I would be happy to be involved in testing. I 
> frequently fall asleep reading my 1,540 page "Learning Python" - using it 
> as a pillow has only raised by knowledge level slightly.
> I have one station in the wild that uses owfs and file parse. I would like 
> to add mqtt capability to that one. I was going to experiment with using 
> mqtt as driver and both fileparse and owfs as services. One option I have 
> been thinking about would be to convert the sensors I use file parse for to 
> mqtt - then only having one driver and one service for sensors. That option 
> would have two (or more) mqtt clients publishing and WxMesh magically 
> sorting it out.
> The station at my vacation home has a Ultimeter 2100 and to add mqtt based 
> sensors I think I would need to run wxMesh as a service.
> Again thanks so much for the help getting this working.

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