Karl Eichwalder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I guess, you as the wget maintainer switched from something
> supported to the unsupported "betaX" scheme and now we have
> something to talk about ;)

I had no idea that something as usual as "betaX" was unsupported.  In
fact, I believe that "bX" was added when Francois saw me using it in
Wget.  :-)

> Using something different then exactly "wget-1.9-b3.de.po" will
> confuse the robot


>> Returning an error that says "your version number is unparsable to
>> this piece of software, you must use one of <...> instead" would be
>> more correct in the long run.
> Sure.  You should have receive a message like this, didn't you?

I didn't.  Maybe it was an artifact of robot not having worked at the
time, though.

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