On Tuesday 07 of October 2003 12:08, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> Thanks!

btw. looking into test4 I see that autoconf conception is used in weird way. 
Normally aclocal.m4 is autogenerated by aclocal command (and it includes 
sources of macros from /usr/share/autoconf/autoconf/*.m4 and from local 

You are seem to put all macros (even local macros!) inside of aclocal.m4. This 
is bad because it doesn't allow to regenerate autoconf/aclocal stuff in case 
when it's needed. aclocal command will overwrite aclocal.m4 and all local 
macros will be lost.

We at PLD are right now patching wget to move all local macros into 
acinclude.m4 but it would be better if that was done properly at wget 
maintainers level :)

ps. I see that beta5 is there so time to look into this one... argh, same 
things as in test4
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