Herold Heiko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> From: Hrvoje Niksic [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> I don't think such a thing is necessary in practice, though; remember
>> that even if you don't escape the dot, it still matches the (intended)
>> dot, along with other characters.  So for quick&dirty usage not
>> escaping dots will "just work", and those who want to be precise can
>> escape them.
> I agree. Just how often will there be problems in a single wget run due to
> both some.domain.com and somedomain.com present (famous last
> words...)

Actually it would have to be some<letter-or-number>domain.com -- a "."
will not match the null string.  My point was that people who care
about that potential problem will carefully quote their dots, while
the rest of us will use the more convenient notation.

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