Herold Heiko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Get the best of both, use a syntax permitting a "first match-exits"
> ACL, single ACE permits several statements ANDed together. Cooking
> up a simple syntax for users without much regexp experience won't be
> easy.

I assume ACL stands for "access control list", but what is ACE?

> One way (probably not the most beautiful syntax) could be a running
> number,

The numbers are just too ugly, sorry.

Also, having *two* instances of +/- (one before the "=" and one after
the "=") is just too confusing; it took me a minute or two to figure

> I realize much of this syntax can be thrown out of the window simply
> considering we can probably reach the same effect with uri filters and more
> complicated regexp (perl5 syntax):
> --filter=+uri:.+\.dom\.com/*.download
> --filter=-domain:sweets\.dom\.com
> --filter="+uri:peanuts\.dom\.com/.*(?!brown)"
> --filter=+path:peanuts

That seems much more acceptable IMHO.

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