On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Mauro Tortonesi wrote:
> > I do like the [file|path|domain]: approach.  very nice and flexible.
> > (and would be a huge help to one specific need I have!)  I suggest also
> > including an "any" option as a shortcut for putting the same pattern in
> > all three options.
> do you think the "any" option would be really useful? if so, could you please
> give us an example?

Depends on how individual [file|path|domain]: entries are combined.
AND, OR?  Suppose you want files from some.dom.com://*/foo/*.png.
The part I'm thinking of here is "foo as last directory component,
and png as filename extension."  Can the individual rules be combined
to express this?  I guess the real question is, how are rules combined.


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