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Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Among other things, version.c is now generated rather than
>> parsed. Every time "make all" is run, which also means that "make
>> all" will always relink the wget binary, even if there haven't been
>> any changes.
> I personally find that quite annoying.  :-(  I hope there's a very
> good reason for introducing that particular behavior.

Well, making version.c a generated file is necessary to get the
most-recent revision for the working directory. I'd like to avoid it,
obviously, but am not sure how without making version.c dependent on
every source file. But maybe that's the appropriate fix. It shouldn't be
too difficult to arrange; probably just
  version.c:  $(wget_SOURCES)
or similar.

It's not 100% effective; it relies on (1) this source directory being
managed as a repository, and (2) the user possessing a copy of Mercurial
(which seems likely if (1) is true). So, for instance, clicking the
"bz2" link at http://hg.addictivecode.org/wget/mainline means you aren't
getting a repository, and won't get the revision stamp. :\

I'm currently looking into ways to deal with this. For instance, I can
add an extension to the repository on the server that ensures that
archives are modified to include their version information before
they're shipped out; that could help.

There is also the problem that, if it _is_ a repository clone, the local
user may have made local changes and committed them, in which case I'll
get a different revision id (which is a truncated SHA1 hash, and not a
linear number as with Subversion*), with no information about how it
relates to revision ids I know about from the official repos.

* Mercurial actually has linear numbers, but they're only meaningful to
that one specific repository instance, as the same hashes may have
different corresponding numbers on someone elses clone. They're
basically for making the local repo easier to work with, not for sharing

I'm happy to field suggestions!

> BTW does that mean that, for example, running `make install', also
> attempts to relink Wget?


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