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Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> version.c:  $(wget_SOURCES) $(LDADD)
>>         printf '%s' 'const char *version_string = "@VERSION@' > $@
>>         -hg log -r tip --template=' ({node|short})' >> $@
>>         printf '%s\n' '";' >> $@
> "printf" is not portable to older systems, but that may not be a
> problem anymore.  What are the current goals regarding portability?

GNU, modern Unixen, and Windows systems (in that order) take priority,
but portability to other systems is desirable if it's not out of the way.

I may take liberties with the Make environment, and assume the presence
of a GNU toolset, though I'll try to avoid that where it's possible.

In cases like this, printf is much more portable (in behavior) than
echo, but not as dependable (on fairly old systems) for presence;
however, it's not a difficult tool to obtain, and I wouldn't mind making
it a prerequisite for Wget (on Unix systems, at any rate). In a pinch,
one could write an included tool (such as an "echo" command that does
precisely what we expect) to help with building. But basically, if it's
been in POSIX a good while, I'll probably expect it to be available for
the Unix build.

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