Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I may take liberties with the Make environment, and assume the
> presence of a GNU toolset, though I'll try to avoid that where it's
> possible.

Requiring the GNU toolset puts a large burden on the users of non-GNU
systems (both free and non-free ones).  Please remember that for many
Unix users and sysadmins Wget is one of the core utilities, to be
compiled very soon after a system is set up.  Each added build
dependency makes Wget that much harder to compile on a barebones

> In cases like this, printf is much more portable (in behavior) than
> echo, but not as dependable (on fairly old systems) for presence;
> however, it's not a difficult tool to obtain, and I wouldn't mind
> making it a prerequisite for Wget (on Unix systems, at any rate). In
> a pinch, one could write an included tool (such as an "echo" command
> that does precisely what we expect) to help with building. But
> basically, if it's been in POSIX a good while, I'll probably expect
> it to be available for the Unix build.

Such well-intended reasoning tends to result with a bunch reports
about command/feature X not being present on the reporter's system, or
about a bogus version that doesn't work being picked up, etc.  But
maybe the times have changed -- we'll see.

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