From: Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> >    Next problem on Tru64:
> > [...]
> > ld:
> > Unresolved:
> > siggetmask
>    We ain't go no siggetmask().  None on VMS (out as far as V8.3),
> either, should I ever get so far.
> siggetmask is an obsolete BSDism; POSIX has the sigprocmask function,
> which we should prefer. We should also do feature-testing, and not
> assume there's a portable way to block/unblock signals.

   Note that sigprocmask() does appear on VMS, but apparently not until
V8.2, which is ahead of many users (including me, in part).  More
portability would be better in this region.  Can't sigsetmask() or
sigblock() do the same job if you tell them not to change anything?


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