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> Say one runs the first "wget".  Lets say it is a simple 1-DVD download.
> Then you start a 2nd download of another DVD.  Instead of 2 copies
> of wget running and competing with each other, what if the 2nd copy
> "told" the 1st copy about the 2nd download, and the 2nd download
> was 'enqueued' in a 'line' behind 1st.

   Perhaps you need an operating system.  On VMS, one could create a
wget-specific batch queue, set its job limit to one, and submit all the
non-compete wget jobs to it.  The queue manager would run the submitted
jobs one at a time, first-come=first-served, with the terminal output
logged to a file (of your choice).  If you ask (SUBMIT /NOTIFY), you can
get a message broadcast to your terminal(s) when a job ends.

(Where would you like to put the axle on that new wheel?)


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