On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 April 2009, you wrote:
> > When you say "none of them have information about the RAID 
> > controllers", what do you mean? The sites you looked at don't have 
> > that information?
> Ah, sorry, this was unclear. What I mean is that this information is not 
> provided by manufacturers, you can find it summarized at some sites, but 
> often you need information gleaned from various forums around the net.

Ah, ok. So we can't rely on the information being marked up usefully then? 
I'm trying to work out what the requirements are... So far I have:

USE CASE: Allow the user to perform vertical searches across multiple 
sites even when the sites don't include the information the user wants.


* Kjetil is searching for new hardware for his desktop and most of the 
specs he does not care about too much, but he's decided that he wants a 45 
nm CPU with at least a 1333 MHz FSB and at least 2800 MHz clock frequency, 
and a thermal energy of at most 65 W. The motherboard needs to have at 
least 2 PCI ports, unless it has an onboard Wifi card, and it needs to 
accommodate for at least 12 GB of DDR3 RAM, which needs to match the FSB 
frequency. Furthermore, all components should be well supported by Linux 
and the RAID controller should have at least RAID acceleration. None of 
the manufacturer sites have information about the RAID controllers, that 
information is only available form various forums.

* Fred is going to buy a property. The property needs to be close to the 
forest, yet close to a train station that will take him to town in less 
than half an hour. It needs to have a stable snow-fall in the winter, and 
access to tracks that are regularly prepared for XC skating. The property 
should be of a certain size, and proximity to kindergarten and schools. It 
needs to have been regulated for residential use and have roads and the 
usual infrastructure. Furthermore, it needs to be on soil that is suitable 
for geothermal heating yet have a low abundance of uranium. It should have 
a good view of the fjord to the southeast.


* Performing search searches should be feasible and cheap.

* It should be possible to perform such searches without relying on a 
third-party to seek out the information.

* The tool that collects information must not require the information to 
be marked up in some special way, since manufacturers don't include all 
the information, and users on forums (where the information can sometimes 
be found) are unlikely to mark it up in some particularly machine-readable 

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