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> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> I've looked over the list a couple of times and it's a good introduction 
>> to the problem space.
> It's not really intended to be an introduction, so much as a complete list 
> of use cases that people want the spec to cover.

In that case, I've got a few more that I'll be posting to this list over
the coming weeks.

> From the point of view of the HTML5 effort, what is needed is use cases, 
> scenarios, and requirements, that don't in any way imply a particular 
> solution, as in the list I posted, so that solutions can be evaluated.

Then, I hope this helps... I'm trying to keep the same format that you

Validation of Expressed Micro-data

   USE CASE: Expose machine-readable documentation of micro-data
   vocabularies so generalized validators and authoring tools can be

     * Echo would like to write a generalized software tool to help page
       authors express micro-data. One of the features that she would
       like to include is one that displays authoring information, such
       as vocabulary term description, type information, range
       information, and other vocabulary term attributes in-line so
       that authors have a better understanding of the vocabularies that
       they're using.
     * Thundercleese would like to ensure that his indexing software
       only stores type-valid data. Part of the mechanism that he uses
       to check the incoming micro-data stream is type information that
       is embedded in the vocabularies that he uses.
     * Sephiroth, harvester of souls, would like to provide warnings to
       the authors that use his vocabulary that certain vocabulary terms
       are experimental and may never become stable.

     * There should be a definitive location for vocabularies.
     * It should be possible for vocabularies to describe other
     * Originating vocabulary documents should be discoverable.
     * Machine-readable vocabulary information shouldn't be on a
       separate page than the human-readable explanation.


More on this particular use case can be found here:


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