On Sat, 25 Apr 2009, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:46:09 +0200, Ian Hickson <i...@hixie.ch> wrote:
> >      * Shouldn't require the consumer to write XSLT or server-side code
> > to process the annotated data.
> Does "process" here mean "extract from the page", or something more?

Not sure. This requirement originally came form Daniel O'Connor in a blog 
comment here:


...where he said:

   Reasons for RDFa in HTML:
   * I want to provide a machine readable interpretation of my data
   * I do not want to write XSLT, or server side code to transform my data 
     if I don't have to

My interpretation is that it means that he would like to not have to use 
XSLT to do anything with the data, whether extracting it or analysing it 
or anything.

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