2014-08-04 20:06, Christoph Päper wrote:

Imagine a text layout GUI made with HTML.
> It would probably feature a font size selection control.
There are different ways to do such a thing:

There are, and they are preferred in different ways by different people, as programmers or as end users. This is why any solution, in addition to introducing considerable complexity into HTML, would be used for a small fraction of potential use cases only.

An addition to the ways mentioned, the font size control could be simply two buttons, one for increasing and one for decreasing the size, possibly with keyboard shortcuts and possibly a button and/or shortcut for resetting the size to the default.

And many others.

As I’m said, I’m not sure what’s the best solution, but HTML should have a 
typed numeric input element with conversion capabilities.

The designer needs to decide the internal representation of the font size and to map the alternatives in the UI to that. I don’t see how additions to HTML would significantly help here, even if they happened to match the approach that is selected by the designer.


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