Jukka K. Korpela <jkorp...@cs.tut.fi>:
> 2014-08-04 20:06, Christoph Päper wrote:
>> Imagine a text layout GUI made with HTML.
>> It would probably feature a font size selection control.
>> There are different ways to do such a thing:
> There are, and they are preferred in different ways by different people, as 
> programmers or as end users. This is why any solution, in addition to 
> introducing considerable complexity into HTML, would be used for a small 
> fraction of potential use cases only.

You do realize that font size control was just an example? A combined widget 
for number and unit would be useful in many places. Although most of us use 
metric units exclusively for almost all applications, there are still a lot of 
scenarios where two or more units are commonly used – even with the SI some may 
prefer centimetres over millimetres sometimes (or vice versa). Not to mention 
US localisation.

> An addition to the ways mentioned, the font size control could be simply two 
> buttons, one for increasing and one for decreasing the size, (…)

This seems like a special cased ‘numeric’ or ‘range’ widget and is agnostic of 

> The designer needs to decide the internal representation of the font size and 
> to map the alternatives in the UI to that. I don’t see how additions to HTML 
> would significantly help here, even if they happened to match the approach 
> that is selected by the designer.

The point is that some such approaches are possible already, but not all. The 
simple possible solutions are rather clumsy and not very user-friendly.

Every author could, of course, just parse all free user input from a ‘text’ 
input server-side, but why shouldn’t browsers sanitize such input like they do 
for other form controls?

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