Hi to all!
Excuse me I am newbie here.
I want make a proposal for displaying thousand separator in numeric
input fields.
Most users would be more satisfied if in any <input type="number"
value="1234567890.0123456789" /> would seen as 1 234 567 890.012 345
678 9
of course thousand separator must depend of local settings.
1234567890.0123456789 = 1,234,567,890.012,345,678,9
Anyway thousand separator will not be sended to the server when the
form is submitted and not be accessed from Javascript for example:

<input id="input1" type="number" value="1234567890.0123456789" />
//return: 1234567890.0123456789

Ie thousand separator affects only the display of numbers for
improving readability.

Best Regards,
Mike Gavrilov.

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