This has come up before; I think is 
the most recent thread on the subject. In general, the spec does not mandate 
such UI features of browsers, but the input types are somewhat of a gray area 
in that regard, since part of their purpose is specifically to give better UI 

My suggestion during that thread was to delegate to ES's i18n API:

In general, this type of thing is hard to get support for these days. 
Implementers are more interested in getting stuff like web components in place 
so that authors can produce better controls, without waiting for them to be 
debated, standardized, and implemented everywhere. I think it'd be a worthwhile 
improvement, especially since custom elements are unable to participate in the 
form control ecosystem (constraint validation, form submission, etc.). But 
we're going to need implementer interest before anything gets done here.

Soooo ... any implementers interested in solving this problem?

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