On 10/14/15 5:47 AM, Михаил Гаврилов wrote:
2015-10-14 0:41 GMT+05:00 Boris Zbarsky <bzbar...@mit.edu>:
See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=974175 for details.

I think the problem with the display of the year with the help of
<input type = "number" ... /> far-fetched.

In what sense? People are doing it right now, and people do not expect to see "2,015" as the year. They just don't.

Sooner or later year will be five-digit and more

You mean "later", right? ;) Seriously, I expect the computer interaction modalities to be quite different by then, assuming the concept even makes sense at that point.

And in general I think for selecting date should be used for
special types of input: type="month" type="year".

That's great, and I agree, but that's not what people are doing in practice.


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