Broadcast Messaging and Topic Based subscription is now available to your
WebApp just like native Apps thanks to FCM.

I am absolutely ecstatic about this, as we all should be, and equally
grateful to FCM for having managed to bypass the recalcitrance and sheer
bloody-mindedness of spec-authors to provide functionality that everyone
outside the ivory-towers was begging for.

I thought WhatWG was set up to challenge the delusional elite a la mode de
HTML5? Why the silence?

Anyway rejoice and be glad as Native Apps have one less stick to beat us
over the head with. And you Firefox fans are no longer stuck with Mozilla's
third-rate AutoPush!

Now if we can only get background geolocation with ServiceWorkers nothing
can stop WebApps: -

Happy Days!!!

Cheers Richard Maher

PS. The cognoscente are once more assembling on April 4-5 for a Japanese
junket on ServiceWorkers to yet again wax bollocks on "offline first" :-(

Please lobby the names that can be found in the hall of shame here: -

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