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        * WIPO stands for _World Intellectual Property Organization_, and the
        *  Meta-Data: Following the indications of the WIPO ( focusing on a
World Wide Web service ) that now, services like Pandora are not allowed
to stream ( are de facto banned ) in earth places like Africa, Europe,
or The East. May it be due to not meet the legal requirements.

The reason for services like Pandora geoblocking is because the PROs are basically trying to carve out regions (like region blocking for DVDs and BlueRay), it's greedy and stupid. The EU is working on legislations to limit or do away with this for online stuff.

Also, metadata sent to the user/listener has very little to do with royalty reporting. The reporting must be done by the webmaster at the webserver level or by the DJ at the encoding level.
These logs are then passed independently of what the the listener see/hear.

One thing that could be useful to show to the listener is a copyright hint like indicating if the stream is CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution) for example.

May I also point out that this has gone very offtopic (I should probably be the last person to point this out though).

WHATWG has very little to do with PROs/WIPO/Royalties/rights, a different fora should be used for that.

I'd like to get back on topic and to the discussion of passing metadata in a stream so that a HTML webplayer can show artist and title (and maybe year/album if present) to the listener and have this be changed/updated when this info changes in the stream (usually at song change but can occur more often to provide special non-song messages as well).

Firefox seems to support it (though I have not had the time to test it yet) but it is uncertain what formats it works on and if it works for streams at all.

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