Hi Roger, hi all: 

        * "_passing metadata in a stream so that a HTML webplayer can show
artist and title_" can be accomplished extracting the ID3 tags from the
file and presenting them as JSON values, for example 

        * Sound.load(new URLRequest("07 - audio.mp3"));
        * Some old tricks on the issue were done in the past. here the link of
an ECMAScript derivative from the past, if it serves you as a model ID3
tags Get/Receive [6].

But, please take in consideration: 

        * Not all webplayers stream music by obligation. Not all webplayers
are designed to play music.

        * Sounds: Rings and bleeps of a mobile device or a computer device.
Audio meta tags should be applicable to the webplayer ( one file vs.
multiple files ).
        *  Streaming on the web: As I noticed to this group in my last email,
in our present days there is a growing demand for streaming by
scientific communities to publish audio conferences or talks.

        * Concerning to my references WIPO et al, yes I agree , technology
should be considered neutral.

        * The only important issue to consider would be the five seconds
minimum lenght.



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On 2017-04-16 13:54, Roger Hågensen wrote:

> On 2017-04-16 03:01, Delfi Ramirez wrote: 
>> * WIPO stands for _World Intellectual Property Organization_, and the
>> ...
>> *  Meta-Data: Following the indications of the WIPO ( focusing on a
>> World Wide Web service ) that now, services like Pandora are not allowed
>> to stream ( are de facto banned ) in earth places like Africa, Europe,
>> or The East. May it be due to not meet the legal requirements.
> The reason for services like Pandora geoblocking is because the PROs are 
> basically trying to carve out regions (like region blocking for DVDs and 
> BlueRay), it's greedy and stupid. The EU is working on legislations to limit 
> or do away with this for online stuff.
> Also, metadata sent to the user/listener has very little to do with royalty 
> reporting. The reporting must be done by the webmaster at the webserver level 
> or by the DJ at the encoding level.
> These logs are then passed independently of what the the listener see/hear.
> One thing that could be useful to show to the listener is a copyright hint 
> like indicating if the stream is CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution) for 
> example.
> May I also point out that this has gone very offtopic (I should probably be 
> the last person to point this out though).
> WHATWG has very little to do with PROs/WIPO/Royalties/rights, a different 
> fora should be used for that.
> I'd like to get back on topic and to the discussion of passing metadata in a 
> stream so that a HTML webplayer can show artist and title (and maybe 
> year/album if present) to the listener and have this be changed/updated when 
> this info changes in the stream (usually at song change but can occur more 
> often to provide special non-song messages as well).
> Firefox seems to support it (though I have not had the time to test it yet) 
> but it is uncertain what formats it works on and if it works for streams at 
> all.
> -- 
> Roger Hågensen,
> Freelancer, Norway.

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