This sounds like what we use uid for in microformats - the url that you
want as the persistent identifier. - it looks like you wrote this up a while
back, Ed.

See u-uid in h-entry

On 8 Aug 2017 5:58 pm, "Ed Summers" <> wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> > On Aug 5, 2017, at 9:19 PM, Kevin Marks <> wrote:
> >
> > That use case sounds more like rel="canonical"
> You weren't the only one (myself included) who thought that. Michael
> Nelson, one of the authors if the identifier I-D, just wrote a blog post
> explaining why not canonical:
> relcanonical-does-not-mean.html
> I think I'm convinced that canonical isn't the right fit for what they are
> talking about. But if rel=bookmark could be used in <link> elements I think
> it would work better than a slightly similar, oddly named, link relation,
> which IMHO is bound to cause confusion for web publishers.
> //Ed

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