Does anyone have experience using Wicket with a Portal solution?  We
have a set of requirements that are very nicely satisfied with a CMS
framework.  It might help to reduce effort if we utilized the platform,
and design the elements in the UI featuring dynamic content as portlets
(JSR 168).  We'd like to use Wicket for this, but at first glance, it
doesn't seem like Wicket would fit, since the architecture of Wicket
assumes (correct me if I'm wrong) that there's a single backing object
per page.  What would be optimal is a single backing object per portlet
per page.

Perhaps this is outside of the intended domain of Wicket, and if so,
we'll save Wicket for later (as I'm very interested in exploring its
potential) and go the JSF route that's supported by the CMS framework.
Oh, I did notice that there was a CMS project in the Wicket SVN.  What
is the status of that project (alpha, beta, etc?)

Thanks in advance,

Julian Klappenbach
Architect / Development Lead
Ramp Technology Group

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