Hey all Wicket lovers!

The last week or so, I have been working on a Wicket resource search
engine. It is a little application which indexes Wicket related sites
for a more dedicated search:


It started of as a simple research project of Lucene Nutch[1], but I
quickly started using it my self for finding help on different Wicket
subjects. After some positive feedback on IRC, I decided to make it
public. SO now the source is ASL2 and available from my local SF

The state of the application is of course still beta. Not the Wicket
application; I think it fairly much do what it's supposed to. But the
indexed material only count the sites listed in the FAQ[3], and not all
the great blog entries etc. all around. The problem is that I haven't
figured out the best way to index the blog entries without getting all
the private/off-topic entries as well. If anyone has any ideas please
write me (or reply to this).

Frank Bille

[1]: http://lucene.apache.org/nutch
[2]: http://sf.billen.dk/sf/projects/woogle
[3]: http://woogle.billen.dk/search/faq

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