dear community,

the core wicket team has decided to join the ASF and make wicket a top level apache project (

to those unfamiliar with the game, it goes something like this:

* the wicket team puts in a proposal to ASF ( )

* the apache powers that be vote on whether or not they want wicket in the ASF ( need 3 +1 and 0 -1 )

* if the vote passes wicket will enter the apache incubator and our infrastructure will move to we will have website, SVN, jira, and confluence.

* when wicket is ready to graduate it will move to a top level apache project next to struts/tapestry/etc and our infrastructure will move to (

if you are interested please read the proposal, it outlines what we hope to give and get from the ASF.

if you have any concerns or thoughts this would be a good time to have a discussion


PS. im hoping apache mailing lists dont have outages as often as im sending this on 7/26 6pm PST, lets see when it gets to you... :)
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