I am trynig to run the PageablesPage example after having copied the 
bare minimum to my project. Obviously, something is missing but I can't 
figure what. I get the followinig error message :

Markup of type 'html' for component 'com.volgadev.aloha.web.AjaxTest' 
not found. Enable debug messages for wicket.util.resource to get a list 
of all filenames tried.

Obviously, it is not AjaxTest.html which is missing. The root cause is :

wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException: Parent markup of inherited markup 
not found. Component class: com.volgadev.aloha.web.AjaxTest

Surely enabling debug for wicket.util.resource.Resource would help. I 
put a property file in the classpath with the following line :


but it doesn't change anything.

Does any one has an idea of what markup element is missing or how to get 
log4j to work ?



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