after i played 3 days with wicket, its time to come to a small conlcsion. To have it short, ill just write the pro and cons in my opinion. Later on i describe a problem i have with the mount i applied to the navomatic demo application.
Wicket Pro:
+ good idea and model
+ intuitive and easy to understand 
+ few code needed
+ OO
 - documentation isn worth the word...
(wiki tells you things that dont work, are deprecated etc - has anyone a clue what is the non-deprecated alternative to getSettings() ??? )
-  wicket Markup output is on by default (pls care for VALID html....)
- wicket-webage looks nice, but try to find sth. specific on it is horrific (e.g. Wicket Library under Related Projets instead under Documentation... as a newbie i want docs and didnt think a minute for any additional projects)
- mount seems broken completely if you use more than 1 package
Mount problem description:
i programmed the navomatic border example found on http://wicket.sourceforge.net/ExampleNavomatic.html and enhanced it with a fourth page (page4) wich lies in a subpackage (my default is de.navo, where navomatic, page1/page2/page3 are and the package de.navo.test helds the page4).
I then created the init this way (i saw this recommended on javalobby and it makes sense to me, as i like putting things in a hirarchical way and ordered by their use -
public void init() {
mount("/main", PackageName.forClass(navomatic.class));
First i was happy, as it works as intended, but then i checked the pages - while the first 3 pages in main package are ok, the 4th in the subpackage has big problems - its link is http://localhost:8080/Navo2?wicket:bookmarkablePage=:de.navo.test.Page4 instead of the http://localhost:8080/Navo2/main/test/Page4 and if youre on page4, all links, includig to the page4 itself, are completly untouched (the code wicket should replace isnt replaced) - so i thought to set each page individually,
try 2 was this:

public void init() {
mountBookmarkablePage("/Page1", Page1.class);
mountBookmarkablePage("/Page2", Page2.class);
mountBookmarkablePage("/Page3", Page3.class);
mountBookmarkablePage("/Page4", Page4.class);

there the first 3 pages work as intended, however on page4 all the links become untouched again and present the dummy text....

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