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thx very much - emm, you dont how EJB sessions are working with wicket ? (do i have to tie the specific stateful bean to the session or does the container remember itself the bean to the session e.g.for a shopping cart...)

you get a session bean and store the stub in wicket's session object and thats how you reference it. so instead of stuffing it into httpsession you stuff it into wicket's. vincent wrote an ejb3 wicket app so maybe he can give you more input or you can woogle [1] for ejb3

PS: you really should change the name from dirty() to snyc() or sth like that or even go a step further and use AOP to call this automatically whenever sth is touched....

we like dirty() and havent had any complaints so far save this one. you can always do: MySession { public void sync() { dirty(); } } :)

aop sounds nice, if there was an intercepor for "change to any field value in any object in this instance" we might consider it. we are not aop wizs so maybe there is one and we dont know about it.

[1] http://woogle.billen.dk/search


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