I had this problem several time. The way to find the cause was to "save 
the page as" and then debug the result as a static html file (after some 
modification where made to the links to make them work.)

If you can reproduce the problem using this static HTML file, you KNOW 
the problem is not with Wicket.


wired a écrit :
> I use the following CSS code to center a page in a browser
> wrap{
> color:#404040;
> width:970px;
> margin:10px auto;
> padding:0;
> }
> Using it a simple html page, the code works with Firefox, Internet
> Explorer 6.0.2 and Opera 9.01
> Now when I use the code in a wicket application the page renders correctly
> with Firefox and Opera but not Internet Explorer. IE cannot center the page.
> This is strange for it works in a simple test html page with IE.
> Is wicket to blame? Is it generating extra html markup that is causing IE to
> act strangely? (yet I cannot see anything odd upon examining the source
> code)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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