Well, with the DefaultDataTable, it overrides DataTable's newRowItem()
method in order to return an new OddEvenItem rather than a new Item.
The OddEvenItem overrides on ComponentTag in order to add the "odd" or
"even" class.  Could you, however, have overridden one of these


On 06/09/06, Stefan Lindner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just wonder about the place where in the DataTableExample (in wicket 
> examples) the alternating style for the table rows (<tr class="even"...> and 
> <tr class="odd"..> has to be set? Or does this the DefaultDataTable class for 
> me. Or does it the SortableDataProvider? Or do I have to it on my own (as in 
> the displaytag examples)?
> If it should happen automatically, it does not work in Wicket 2.0.
> Stefan

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