The combination won't work.

Try this for the even rows:

<tr wicket:id="results" class="even"

and for the odd rows:

<tr wicket:id="results" class="odd"

I removed the class litupRow as it contains no style in your example. If 
you want to maintain it do this:

<tr wicket:id="results" class="litupRow even"
                        onmouseout="this.className='litupRow even';">

and for the odd rows:

<tr wicket:id="results" class="litupRow odd"
                        onmouseout="this.className='litupRow odd';">

There are also javascript functions available on the net that allow you 
to add and remove classes from an element.


Erik van Oosten

Gwyn Evans schreef:
> I'm not sure enought of CSS and tables to be able to say if there's
> going to be any issues with trying to have both this and the Odd/Even
> classes working in the table row, though!
> /Gwyn

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