Hi All

I am brand new to wicket, so excuse a possible stupid question. I downloaded 
wicket-1.2.2 and created a basic page and application, just so I get started 
evaluating wicket. However, I get an error from Tomcat when the application 
starts up:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: wicket/AjaxHandler

I have googled and tried the mailing list archive without success. All I could 
establish was that the AjaxHandler class has been removed from wicket at some 
point. I have only the latest distribution files of wicket, and somewhere 
something is still trying to use this missing class. The basic application and 
page I have created does nothing but add a Label component. It cannot be made 
any simpler.

I am not using the quickstart project as a starting point. I just created a 
blank web project in eclipse, copied the wicket libs and dependancies to the 
right place and started from scratch.

Any help/pointers will be greatly appreciated. I am very keen to get over this 
hurdle, because it seems like it might be the first component-based web 
framework I might consider using. After a frustrating start, however, I am 
close to defaulting back to whatever I used previously, but don't want to give 
up too quickly, just now I miss out on a possible good thing just because of 
one frustrating day. I have to at least get my hands dirty on a small app 
before reaching a verdict.

Thanks in advance for feedback

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