Hi, Igor

> what do you mean act as a link when clicked? a button submits the form -
> that is its purpose. if you dont want it to submit the form then instead of
> using type="submit" use type="button" and dont use Button but a
> webmarkupcontainer that sets the onclick attr to whatever you want.

Yes, I've already tried it. In fact, before adding I18N I was using
"Link" class attached to INPUT to fill "onclick", as described

add(new Link("MainMenuPage-link-1") {
                        public void onClick() {
                                setResponsePage(new CaocAdminPage());
<input name="nou" wicket:id="MainMenuPage-link-1"
class="buttonEditar" type="button">

And the resulting output when processed by wicket, is:

<input type="button" wicket:id="MainMenuPage-link-1"

So, this accomplishes what we need in respect to "linking"
(navigation), making a button html element to "act as a link". But,
the obstacle comes when trying to add I18N to this "buttoned-link"...
watching Wicket API I found "Button" class as a good choice to provide
I18N to the INPUT-type=button, and also to add the "act as a link"
capability. But, as you confirmed to me, "Button" class is not the
correct solution.

Then you recommend me to use other "WebMarkupContainer" based class...
ok, that's still "glass" while not finding the right component...

What "WebMarkupContainer" does accomplish this functionality I am looking for?

Thank you.



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