Dear ??,

The problem is because you can not encode Chinese characters in 
ISO-8859-1. You must use UTF-8 throughout your application.

 > String newInput = new String(input.getBytes("iso8859-1"), "UTF-8");
first converts the string to ISO8859-1 and thereby replaces all Chinese 
characters with a "?".

Please make sure that the HTML pages that Wicket renders are in UTF-8. 
This true by default, but to be sure you could do

Then replace the line above with:
 String newInput = input;


王磊 schreef:
> I just try to write a book about wicket.(It's written in chinese,and 
> it's free to get a e-book).
> But while i writing a ajax example,i got a stange problem.
> I writed a auto-complete text application with AutoCompleteTextField 
> control.
> But i got the following 2 problems.
> 1. If i input a chinese word,no request is sent to the server side.(I 
> write "println" in server application,no output).
> 2. If in input a chinese word,then input a letter like 'd',the server 
> side will get a string input like "???d", it's in wrong code. I use 
> the following code to get the right input.
> String newInput = new String(input.getBytes("iso8859-1"), "UTF-8");
> I think these problems are caused by javascript,because i am not 
> familiar with javascript.
> So i can't give reasons.
> May somebody can give a patch.

Erik van Oosten

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