You may refer to the following links, where it is suggested for calculations perhaps up to 100 atoms per cell to have at least a Gb router (or a Gb switch) and a few computers that have

an Intel i7 quad-core processor,
2 GB of RAM per core,
a Gb network card, and
a hard disk drive with hundreds of GB of disk space: (slide 2)

On 3/27/2016 1:45 PM, Mohammed Abujafar wrote:
Dear Developers and users,
I am concerning about purchasing a workstation with 64 cpu and 64 GB RAM if it is available which is compatible to WEIN2k. Otherwise, please suggest to me what kind of workstation is the best for doing calculations up to 100 atoms.My university is now ready to fund this project up to 10,000 $. I need your advice regarding this matter.Any alternative suggestion will be so appreciated. Your response will be so thankful.
With best regards
Mohammed Abujafar
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