Intel discontinued it for short while [ ], but it is sort of offering it again. It used to be available for any non-commercial use. However, the licensing is more restrictive now. It is now only available for certain qualified uses [ ] like for students, open source contributors, and educators. All the details of the new licensing can be found on Intel's Free Software Development Tools site:

On 3/27/2016 6:58 PM, delamora wrote:

Hi, in reference to the intel fortran

If you visit the page

    **You will see;

    Computer requirements

....Install the Intel ifort compiler + Intels mkl-libarary (there is a free non-commercial version at

But as far as I know this is no longer valid unless you are a student

Page from 12/2014 ;

    Intel Fortran compiler for non commercial are discontinued.

Does anybody have a different information?


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