You either typed the command in wrong, or did something else wrong, the "-f
1" does not belong.  In addition, "-NI" should not be used when you change
mode (e.g. GGA to HF). It may be that your calculation has converged, but
due to incorrect options you have told it to converge to "zero" energy
tolerance (as a guess).

Type in "Check-mixing_lapw" in the relevant directory and paste the result
into an email response (to everyone).

On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 1:52 PM djamel slamnia <> wrote:

> I am very grateful to communicate with you
> my compound is quaternary all atoms are d-Orbitals of  transition metal
> i did the geometry optimisation successfuly
> Now i'm trying to do minimisation of position with hf
> after i intialisation init_hf_lapw  i filled nband i did this  (
> runsp_lapw -hf -ec -f 1 0.0001 -cc 0.001 -NI)
> but with more then 200 iterations never get convegence ???
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