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--- Comment #2 from Bawolff <>  2010-01-14 00:17:06 UTC ---
This is definitely a font issue. I just tried using the timeline extension with
a different font (FreeSerif. wikimedia uses FreeSans for this extension), and
the Malayalam characters rendered fine (well what i assume to be fine. I can't
read Malayalam, so it could be giberish for all i know, but it looked what i
imagine Malayalam would look like).

Since we don't have a font that covers everything, and even if we did, I could
imagine cases where people would want to specify a different font then the
default for their timeline, perhaps the solution would be to have a font
parameter for the timeline tag

<timeline font="someFont">timeline code...</timeline>

Currently the font to use is passed as a hard coded command line argument to
ploticus in , So i'd imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to
allow alternate fonts to be selected  by the user.

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