--- Comment #9 from Erik Zachte <> 2010-01-26 09:59:45 
UTC ---
> EasyTimeline generates svg's for all its timelines 
> (which it does not use whatsoever - their generation is probably a bug). 

Well not really a bug. Rather a hidden feature. The svg's were used occasionaly
for presentations.


In 2006 I made an updated EasyTimeline with better font support. It actually
depended on a Ploticus hack that was made specifically for this purpose:
Ploticus needed to return x,y positions for rendered texts so that hyperlinks
(blue links texts positioned over black texts would be positioned correctly
with proportional font). I tested it in cygwin and it worked. Hopefully that
font metric enhancement is now part of normal Ploticus build. 

The new Easytimeline script got new ParseFonts proc. 

For several reasons I did not follow up ever since. I just uploaded the patched
script to in case
someone is interested.

As an aside, I am also looking for someone to adopt the whole project, as in
reality my contribution has been zero for too long now.

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