--- Comment #6 from Bawolff <> 2010-01-24 22:47:03 UTC ---
Praveen P: btw, there is a (ugly) work arround you can do to get timelines with
Malayalam characters.

EasyTimeline generates svg's for all its timelines (which it does not use
whatsoever - their generation is probably a bug). If you find the url of the
png (in the example given:
) change the extension to svg ( so
). Save the svg file, in a text editor replace encoding="iso-8859-1" on the
first line with encoding="UTF-8" (the svg part of easytimeline passes wrong
args to ploticus for xmlencoding).Then go through and replace any &amp;nbsp;
with &nbsp; . Upload the resulting file, and you should have a timeline with
the proper internationilized characters.

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