--- Comment #6 from TMg <> ---
I would love to have a [[Special:Diff/117674067]] syntax instead. Similar to
[[Special:Permalink/117674067]]. But currently there is no better way to link
to a diff. The suggested {{SERVER}}{{SCRIPTPATH}}?diff=117674067 syntax is more

Argument #1: It doesn't really matter if you call it a "hack". It worked. It
did what it was supposed to do. Now it does not work any more. The change broke
existing pages.

Argument #2: A {{fullurl:...}} should always be treaded as a core function and
never as a template, no matter what's written after the colon. Currently it
tries to transclude a non existing [[Template:Fullurl:]],
[[Template:Fullurl::]] or worse. This is confusing.

Argument #3: All these are valid URLs:

Therefor all these calls of the fullurl function should create the same valid
URLs as shown above:

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